Highly Profitable Health Company for Sale

Listing ID : MC01-ABS

Highly Profitable Health Company for Sale

Confidentially offered for Sale

Ref Number: MC01-ABS
Asking Price: Offers invited
Location: North West England HQ-Fully Relocatable

Leasehold Premises-Multiple satellite sites across UK


The business is growing significantly year on year.

Turnover year end July 2022 circa £303,000.

Turnover year end July 2023 circa £600,000+

Turnover year end July 2024 projected circa £1,000,000 +

Impressive Gross Profit Margins & EBITDA

For Sale: Leading Health Diagnostics and Professional Medical Services Health Company.

The Clinic specialises in blood testing, private General Practitioner (GP) consultations, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), Cardiac screening, and health assessment.

This a unique opportunity to acquire a thriving and reputable health diagnostics and professional medical services clinic.

Established by a team of medical professionals, the Clinic has become a trusted provider of comprehensive healthcare solutions, offering a wide range of clinical services to address the clientele's needs.

Key Selling Points

Relationships with some of the leading sports associations globally allowing for real time expansion if required.

High spec HQ in an affluent part of Manchester that has been fully equipped with state-of-the-art styling and kit.

Large organic social media presence (Instagram Followers – 12.5k) largest in competitive landscape with high-status ambassadors (Circa 4+ Million Instagram Followers)

Widely populated home-testing section of the business, allowing for client accessibility across the UK and Ireland. Supported by Superdrug Health Clinics- ensuring optimal patient reach.

Branded Blood Pressure Monitors equipped with latest technology, compatible with iPhone/ android with ability to build directly into the Blood Lab portal for holistic approach to healthcare.

Large organic data set, 28,000 users across 12-month period. On rapid increased trajectory of circa 5.5K month previous. Note: All organic growth.

Patient Web ECO System: 

This Clinic has an interactive web portal and mobile app that connects patients with a safer, smoother, and more efficient healthcare journey. All treatments and consultations can be booked/bought online at locations throughout the UK to suit the customer.

Patients also enjoy fast, secure access to their data and can share that access with relevant caregivers and family members. Patients can discuss this directly with health consultants and access a broader scope of in-clinic testing.

Best of all, data can be accessed using a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet device.

The custom-built web portal is state of the art. Interacting with consumer from the get go. The design allows communication between the website, interactive web portal and laboratory. The functionality is such that the portal has four systems:

Administrative – this allows for the creation of clinics, discount codes for referring clientele, booking diary’s, result sign off and notation and interactive income analysis due to its functionality with stripe, Klarna, clearpay, laybuy and PayPal. You can also remove/ add service offerings, manage home-testing kit orders, create/edit bundles, adapt visibility of certain clinics or treatments. Ability to integrate/ edit analytics as appropriate to be visual on the admin dashboard.

Clinician – This is a separate dashboard that allows the clinician to take a patient’s details/history and add e-signatures for medical consents. This portal restricts the rights to access other patient data to comply with data protection laws.

Clinician 2.0 – This added functionality allows for echocardiographers to report on their finding following exam using a customisable template.

Coach – This portal allows health coaches/PTs to view their client’s bloodwork and make comments, ask questions and track their client’s data over time.

Doctors’ portal – allows for the formation of post consultation notes as well as allowing the patient to communicate with the doctor directly using a 24-hour chat function. Interactive platform to recommend further treatments and send SMS as appropriate.

Clients’ portal – this portal allows patients to view their results as well as view PDF documents such as an ECG/ Allergy Screen. The client’s portal also allows to track trends of their results. The added chat functionality allows patients to ask questions as well as having updated dashboard for offers/discount.

Seamless integration of HL7 files from laboratory to portal ensures for optimal turnaround time from client sample to results received, ensuring a seamless client journey.  Automation of HL7 also ensures for range bars to reflect the latest environment provided by the laboratory.

Services Offered:

Blood Analysis: The state-of-the-art clinic facilities enable comprehensive blood analysis, providing vital insights into various health markers and enabling early detection of potential health issues. We are not a laboratory however we have relationships with two of the largest labs in the UK with incredible rates.

Comprehensive Cardiac Screening: The Clinic offers advanced cardiac screening services, including echocardiograms, and electrocardiogram analysis (both ambulatory and holter). The dedicated team of cardiologists ensures accurate assessment and prompt diagnosis.

Complete Allergy Testing: The Clinic offers comprehensive allergy testing, employing advanced diagnostic techniques to identify allergens and develop personalized treatment plans.

Urinalysis: The Clinic provides thorough urinalysis services, aiding in the detection and monitoring of various conditions, including urinary tract infections, kidney disorders, and metabolic abnormalities.

Ozone Therapy: As part of their commitment to holistic healthcare, the Clinic offers ozone therapy, a natural and non-invasive treatment that stimulates the body's healing processes, enhances immune function, and promotes overall well-being.

Intravenous (IV) Therapy: The Clinic provides intravenous therapy, delivering minerals, nutrients, and vitamins directly into the bloodstream to optimize health and support the body's healing and rejuvenation processes.

Private general practitioner services. The Clinic provides same-day appointments, consultations, tests, diagnosis, and vaccinations for convenient and efficient healthcare access.

Hormone replacement clinic. The Clinic provides personalised treatments to restore hormonal balance, improving well-being, energy levels, and overall quality of life


The business is growing significantly year on year.

Turnover year end July 2022 circa £303,000.

Turnover year end July 2023 circa £600,000+

Turnover year end July 2024 projected circa £1,000,000 +

Impressive Gross Profit Margins & EBITDA

Asking Price:

Offers invited (Guide Price in excess of £1.5M)


Day to day, the Clinic is managed by an operations manager. The owners currently work in the business with five part-time staff and three consultant Doctors.

The Clinic is currently on a recruitment drive to partner with more doctors and clinicians.

Opportunity for Growth and Expansion:

With an established reputation for excellence and a loyal and rapidly expanding customer base, the Clinic presents a remarkable opportunity for growth and expansion.

The demand for advanced health diagnostics and professional medical services is constantly rising, and the Clinic is well-positioned to capitalise on this trend.

The clinic has already achieved significant penetration into one of its key demographics-the highly lucrative sports/athletics industry and has recently secured some significant partnerships that will further enhance this clinic’s brand and future revenues.

By leveraging the business’s existing infrastructure, esteemed medical professionals, and cutting-edge technology, the potential for further service offerings and expansion into new markets is significant.


This sales memorandum highlights the exceptional opportunity to acquire a leading health diagnostics and professional medical services clinic.

With a comprehensive range of services, a holistic approach to healthcare, and a team of passionate professionals, the Clinic has earned the trust of our valued clientele.

Don't miss the chance to own and further develop this thriving healthcare enterprise, driving positive change in the lives of individuals and communities through proactive and personalised healthcare solutions.

Support and Training:

Full and comprehensive handover will be provided. Director is happy to surpass hand over period to ensure successful transition if appropriate.

Reason for Sale:

Owner is moving abroad.

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