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At this meeting we will review your business to identify the unique strengths of your business, together we will review your sector specialty, experience, pricing, quality, location, comparison with competitors, your accounts, current technology, and of course identify your unique selling propositions.

This meeting provides us with a unique picture of your business, and to determine if your business is ready to be sold and the likely sale valuation. You will learn how, together, we will sell your business for maximum value, in the shortest time.

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Your business valuation begins once we have gathered all the information required to perform the appraisal together with a market analysis.

The business accounts and balance sheet of the business are analysed to provide true business value and profit potential.

We make the process of selling your business for the maximum value as smooth and efficient as possible.

We know how important selling your business is to you, that's why it is never too early to maximise your business value by preparing your business for sale.

We use our knowledge, expertise, and experience to value, market, and reach the right buyers for your business.

When selling your business we don't stick to one form of marketing, to reach your buyers we use multiple marketing channels and research.

If you would like a cost-free, confidential, no-obligation discussion please call Abercorn Business Sales on 0800 246 13 13, we look forward to speaking with you.

We have sold many businesses, sell your business in 2023, for the maximum value in the shortest time.
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