How to sell your business, for the maximum value.

Selling your business is a major decision, whether you have decided on an immediate sale, or something you are planning over the coming years,  there are many reasons why now may be the right time to consider selling your business.

If you are thinking about selling, we are here to offer you business valuation, negotiation expertise and full coordination of the business sale process, so your business can be sold for the highest price in the shortest time.

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Is this a great time to sell my business?

Business valuations are high, however, that's not likely to last for long, so if you are considering the sale of your business, it's in your interest to act now.


What makes now a great time to sell your business?

Now is a great time to sell your business, these four factors are increasing your business saleability and valuation making now a great time to sell.


Foreign business buyers

Foreign business buyers are using the slump in Sterling to scoop up British businesses, which is why it pays you to act now and sell your business.


Private equity buyers.

Private equity buyers are sitting on a record pile of cash and are looking to purchase businesses.

Private equity firms pay well in today's market, and are looking to buy businesses with a potential and a strong future, because they wish to grow the business after acquisition.


Great time to be selling your business.

All of which means this is a great time to be selling your business, should you have questions call us now on 0800 246 13 13 for free, confidential advice, so we can successfully sell your business for the maximum price. We look forward to hearing from you.


Information gathering meeting.

Set aside time for your confidential, no-obligation, no-cost, introductory meeting with our experts. At this meeting we will review your business to identify the unique strengths of your business, together we will review your sector specialty, experience, pricing, quality, location, comparison with competitors, your accounts, current technology, and of course identify your unique selling propositions.


Business Valuation.

Your business valuation begins once we have gathered all the information required to perform the appraisal together with a market analysis. The business accounts and balance sheet are analysed to provide true business value and profit potential.


Creation of your business Sales Memorandum, and sales materials.

Once your business has been valued, our marketing team will prepare your Executive Summary and Sales Memorandum, a target list of potential purchasers, and your marketing plan.

Your Sales Memorandum, the document that attracts buyers initially, will, of course, be approved by you. Your Sales Memorandum will show potential purchasers the attractions and advantages of acquiring your business.


Confidentiality Agreement

We will prepare your Confidentiality Agreement (also known as nondisclosure agreement NDA), for your approval, this the legal contract, which prospective purchasers sign prior to receiving confidential information. Confidentiality Agreements are used to protect your business confidential information and trade secrets.


Marketing Plan.

As leaders in the marketing and sale of businesses, we will prepare for your business sale, the bespoke marketing plan for your approval.

Our experienced and professional marketing team offers the professional services that will successfully sell your business by aggressively, but discreetly, advertising and marketing your business


Coordination of Meetings.

Meetings are arranged with potential purchasers, where you get to know more about their reasons to acquire your business, while they will learn about the strengths and potential of your business.


Offers and Negotiation.

Once the first offer for your business is received we help you evaluate, accept, counter offer, reject, or negotiate. We prefer to negotiate with competing purchasers.


Heads of Agreement.

Following your acceptance of the successful offer, we prepare the Heads of Agreement, for agreed terms of your proposed sale, in plain English, prior to having it formally documented. This is necessary documentation to ensure the parties are agreed as to the key terms of the sale before either party invests unnecessary further time and cost.


Due Diligence

Normally the purchaser arranges Due Diligence, which in plain English, is a check that everything is above board and to establish the assets and liabilities, to verify information provided and to satisfy themselves that the business is in good order.



At completion the final contracts are signed, payment made and the business transferred to the new owners.

We have sold many businesses, sell your business in 2023, for the maximum value in the shortest time.
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