Profitable and Successful Air Conditioning, Commercial Heating, Ventilation & Facilities Management Company

Listing ID : HA01-ABS

Profitable and Successful Air Conditioning, Commercial Heating, Ventilation & Facilities Management Company

Confidentially offered for Sale

Ref Number: HA01-ABS
Asking Price: £1,750,000
Location: Berkshire

The asking price includes Net Assets of circa £255,000 and annual pre-tax profits in excess of £444,000.

 Financial Details  2022/23  2021/22
 Turnover  £1,800,000  £1,650,000
 Gross Profit  £1,550,000  £1,373,000
 Profit Pre-Tax & Directors benefits  £444,000  £380,000
  • Adjusted Profit pre-director drawings for 2022/23 pre-tax is £444,000.
  • Director benefits include £80,000 pensions, £12,000 cars, and £24,000 directors' salaries, which added to the operating profit figure in the 2022/23 accounts of £328,000 is £444,000.
  • The Company has no loans, back tax, depreciation, or interest payments.

Exceptional and diverse customer base providing considerable repeat business and opportunities to cross-sell other services. This Company acquisition will complement existing businesses vertically or horizontally within the mechanical engineering, heating/plumbing, and facilities management fields targeting commercial and domestic clients. 

The Company has an excellent online presence and Google ranking. This, combined with many 5* Google Reviews, brings in far more enquiries than the Business can currently accommodate, providing excellent opportunities for future growth.

Business Overview

This Business is a rare opportunity to acquire a well-established and profitable Air Conditioning, Commercial Heating, Ventilation & Facilities Management Company with a strong market presence and significant growth potential.

Business built over the last eleven years by its two directors. One has spent 30 years previously project managing HVAC projects, and the other director has spent 25 years in management consultancy. The combination of these skills has allowed them to build an exceptionally well-organised company with strong customer focus and low operating costs.

The Business provides a diverse and active client base with HVAC services using a loyal selection of full-time and part-time qualified sub-contract engineers specialising in the following areas:

    • Air conditioning design, installation, repair and servicing for all buildings from domestic homes to large commercial buildings.
    • Ventilation design, installation, repair, and servicing for all commercial buildings
    • Legionella management includes risk assessments (LRA's), monthly water temperature monitoring,  water lab analysis, tank chlorination, chemical analysis, dosing or heating, and chiller circuits.
    • Commercial gas-fired heating systems design, installation, repair and maintenance.
    • Electrical works in support of the above.
    • Other cross-selling services to existing clients include lift maintenance, fire alarm services, risk assessments, commercial catering equipment servicing, Business Management Systems servicing, and commercial plumbing services.

The acquisition of this Company will provide

This Business would be well suited to grow organically or sit alongside any other heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or property-related Business that want to diversify its offering with an increased customer base.

Buyers would likely want to use its strong business model, supported by exceptional IT systems and low running costs, to help develop current businesses and future acquisitions.

    • A business ready for growth, with superior low cost fully integrated and scalable IT systems that are tried and tested to ensure the Business runs with minimal administrative effort.
    • Exceptional and diverse customer base providing considerable repeat business and opportunities to cross-sell other services.
    • Very low operating costs: use of remote working and experienced subcontract engineering skills results in very low and predictable operating costs.
    • Easy to Manage: The IT-enabled move to remote working has significantly reduced office and building costs. The use of fully qualified self-contained (tools & transport) engineers removes the need for personal, vehicle, and tool management.
    • Excellent Online Presence that brings in 90% of new enquiries without any marketing expense.
    • Opportunity to exploit the massive growth in air source air conditioning.

Ready for Growth

  • Engineers: A loyal, highly qualified and self-motivated engineering team whose work is planned and scheduled using electronic calendars and electronic worksheets.
  • Paperless Office: Completely paperless office allows the Company to fully support and actively encourage remote working. No postage stamps or filing cabinets are required for this Business. All business paperwork is stored electronically, with every document being automatically optically character read (OCR) to ensure they can be easily found from any location.
  • Remote Working: All systems are cloud-based and accessed through a standard web browser from any location, thus allowing the Company to embrace remote working fully.
  • Job Management & Oversight: Comprehensive In-house end-to-end work management. Ability to quickly record and quote new jobs. Workflow prompts and email templates ensure the smooth efficient running of jobs and excellent proactive client communication. Manager dashboards ensure easy oversight, clear focus and ownership of jobs.
  • Quoting: The quoting module with templates ensures quotes can be beautifully compiled, personalised and presented very quickly, without mistakes. Mechanisms and reminders to ensure all quotes are followed up. Very easy-to-use tool for equipment duty calculations.
  • Servicing Management: Fully automated servicing module ensures no servicing opportunities are missed. Workflow with email templates speeds up the management and significantly reduces the administration effort of this work.
  • Service History: All install, repair, and service records are stored electronically and are accessible to clients, staff and engineers. Clients are automatically informed of new records.
  • Client Dashboard/Portal: Comprehensive easy-to-use client portal allows all clients to access their maintenance records, job status, service history, gas and Legionella certificates and much more. Much reducing reactive direct client communication.
  • Communication: VoIP virtual phone system further supports remote working, call forwarding, message management and much more.
  • Service Contracts: Full automation of service contract requests and renewals. An extremely innovative solution to manage the admin headache of client service contracts.
  • Marketing: The Business carries out little active marketing due to limitations in the work volume it can handle. However, an up-to-date mail list of 1000+ active and past clients is maintained. Although this is integrated in real-time with the MailChimp email marketing suite, it is not currently used due to the reasons mentioned earlier.
  • Office Administration: Google suite of business tools including email, calendar, document storage

Large Diverse Client Base

The Business provides a large and diverse client base, including education, healthcare, offices, storage/distribution, computer rooms and property management companies, and a growing domestic client base. All provide regular service and repair opportunities and are first in line for new installation work. No high dependance on a small number of large companies.

Very Low Operating Costs

  • Fully embraced remote working for all staff, resulting in very low operating cost
  • No vehicles, tools, offices, storage
  • Subscription cloud-based IT systems mean no onsite servers or complex IT management.

Easy to Manage

Excellent scalable and paperless business IT systems to manage all aspects of the Business. The customer portal ensures clients can follow online their jobs, and maintenance schedules, thus providing pro-active client communicationExcellent Online Presence

Internet Presence: Comprehensive WordPress website with over 100 pages of content highly ranked within Google and draws in many enquiries.

Google Reviews: Over 100  5* google reviews from happy clients. This further improves ranking and credibility, thus generating many more enquiries than can be currently handled. Recent Google reviews are automatically embedded into the client’s website.

Facebook & Google Post: Updates are regularly posted onto these social media channels.  

Growth Market

  • Air Conditioning: A number of factors have recently arisen that are resulting in exponential growth in air condition enquiries and installations:
  • VAT free: Introduction in April 2022 of zero VAT on air conditioning within domestic homes.
  • Home Working: Recent switches to home-based working following Covid-19
  • Growth in the current trend for garden cabins and offices
  • Move from Gas: For economical and environmental reasons, many businesses are choosing to move from gas-fired heating to air conditioning.
  • Global warming: Higher UK temperatures and temperature spikes are increasing the drive to air conditioning. Providing comfortable work environments is now essential for staff retention.
  • Modern Buildings: Highly insulated modern domestic and commercial buildings are making air conditioning a necessity.
  • Sector Growth: Particularly large growth is currently seen in sectors such as education, pharmaceutical storage, domestic buildings & apartment blocks, the film industry and others.
  • Legionella: Greater awareness and the need for regulatory compliance has resulted in steady growth in our Legionella management services.
  • Ventilation: Stricter building regulations and more airtight buildings are resulting in growth for Heat Recovery ventilation systems.


The Business operates throughout Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Middlesex, and Surrey.

Technical Knowledge: The Directors will provide the successful purchaser with handover, training, and support,

Business Hours: 08.30 AM – 5 PM (Monday-Friday)Advertising & Marketing

The Company has a great website, an excellent reputation, a second-to-no client base, and electronic brochures, and it has all the work it wants and is currently able to handle.

Support and Training:

The current owners are willing to provide transitional support to the new owner.

Reason for Sale:

Following the handover to the successful purchaser, the owner will enjoy a well-earned retirement..

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