Designer, manufacturer, and e-commerce retailer renowned for creating high quality hijabs.

Listing ID : ECA-010

Designer, manufacturer, and e-commerce retailer renowned for creating high quality hijabs.

Confidentially offered for Sale

Ref Number: ECA-010
Asking Price: £350,000
Location: Fully Relocatable

Turnover: circa £600,000

Stock value at retail price is currently £150,000

Opportunities for New Owners:

·      Enhance online revenue streams.

·      Expand into white label and collaboration revenues.

·      Collaborate with influencers and designers.

·      Explore the potential of pop-up stores.

·      Pre-order collections –Allows the business to take orders for much higher quantities

·      New lines - embroidered, print, sports, bridal

·      53,000 plus social media following

·      14,000 plus email newsletter subscribers

·      Increase product offerings.

·      Stockists

Business profile:

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a designer, manufacturer, and e-commerce retailer renowned for creating high quality hijabs.

Our client sets a benchmark in the sustainable fashion industry, intertwining sartorial elegance with a commitment to ethical practices and environmental responsibility.

The ultimate ambition lies in establishing a fully closed-loop system, developing a line of utterly compostable products dyed with plant and mineral hues, thereby bridging the gap between traditional artisanship and modern fiber technology.

Exquisite hijabs, meticulously crafted from lush pure silk, natural fibres, and pioneering plant-based materials such as rose, coffee, and mushroom, unveil a collection where luxurious textures meet eco-consciousness.

The brand places paramount importance on utilising safer dyes and processes, ensuring kindness towards workers, consumers, and our planet.

Current production from China encompasses two varieties of bamboo material, elegantly crafted into hijabs, under scarves, head wraps, and bonnet caps.

This adaptability in material usage not only underscores the brand's innovative spirit but also its capacity to foresee and adeptly navigate market trends.

Moreover, an exciting new collection is in development in India, already generating palpable anticipation amongst customers.

With lab dips finalised and a draft order for 9,500 pieces illustrated, this collection signifies the brand's continual evolution and its relentless pursuit to offer the unprecedented to its clientele.

Responsible manufacturing 

Behind every thread lies a story of conscious production, where every stage from design to development underscores a narrative of responsible manufacturing.

Quality and sustainability:

With a keen eye on innovative design, this hijab brand is an exemplar of quality and sustainability. Developed with diligent craftsmanship, each piece is a testament to the brand’s dedication towards creating sustainable fashion without compromising style or ethical beliefs.

Vibrant community:

The venture is not merely a business; it is a vibrant community for a diverse demographic of women aged 18-45.

Beauty of inclusivity:

Predominantly catering to Muslim women (90%) while also embracing those of mixed faith (10%), it honours the beauty of inclusivity in the world of fashion.

Potential expansions:

Authenticity, transparency, and credible storytelling have woven a rich tapestry that enshrouds the brand, fortifying its position in the markets of the United Kingdom and the United States of America, with potential expansions into the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Premium fabric quality:

Distinguishably cleaner, biodegradable, and natural, the hijabs showcase exemplary transparency, robust branding, and premium fabric quality and composition compared to competitors.

Color palettes:

The brand's commitment to using customized color palettes, generating superior content, and maintaining in-house design resonates with its inception as a conscious brand, distinctively setting it apart from other brands that have adopted sustainability as an afterthought.

Reasons this business is a great buy:

The business sale includes the trademark, all artwork, and designs, including graphic designs for ongoing use, domain name, a website, marketing material, photography copyright, all equipment required to run the business successfully, stock with all the necessary materials ready to continue the business without further initial investment.

Key Opportunities:

Due to the success of the direct sales, the owner has not tried to promote the business outside of the Shopify platform and the company website due to the high volume of sales.

Customers Database.

The Business maintains a comprehensive database of all orders from all marketplaces and records all customers.

Advertising and Marketing:

The business uses Instagram and Shopify for advertising, together with the Company website.

Does the business require technical knowledge?

All necessary skills will be passed over during the handover period, and the business processes are streamlined for easy operation. The business is ready to be moved to the new owner straight away

Growth and expansion.

The Business is well-placed for further growth

Support and Training:

The vendor will be happy to hand over and provide training for an agreed handover period.

Reason for Sale:

Ready for new venture.

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