Unique Eco-Friendly Ready-To-Wear Online Clothing Brand for Women.

Listing ID : ECA-011

Unique Eco-Friendly Ready-To-Wear Online Clothing Brand for Women.

Confidentially offered for Sale

Ref Number: ECA-011
Asking Price: £250,000
Location: Remote. Can be operated from anywhere

Confidentially offered for sale

Projected turnover: circa £700,000

Current cost value of stock: Approximately £40,000

Opportunities for New Owners:

1.    Enhance online revenue streams.

2.    Expand into white label and collaboration revenues.

3.    Increase product offerings - Girl’s wear, men’s wear/unisex collections

4.    Collaborate with influencers and designers.

5.    Explore the potential of pop-up stores.

6.    Pre order collections - this allows the business to take orders for much higher quantities and then use the cash flow to pay the factory after customers have paid.

7.    Ready-to-wear and/or pre orders for embellished occasion wear

8.    Natural fabrics only, including embellishments, which are natural and not synthetic.

9.    The business had more than 150 customers, 150 customers a month with good stock.

10.40,000 + social media following.

Business Introduction:

This is an excellent opportunity to own a London-based, reputable, ready-to-wear clothing brand for women. This brand has established a loyal clientele following, who seek stylish, safe and modest classics.

Embark on a sustainable fashion journey with this chic Ready-To-Wear Clothing Brand, where ethical practices and timeless elegance intertwine.

This online women's clothing brand meticulously curate’s collections, such as midi and maxi dresses, exuding style, and mindfulness by employing natural fibers.

With a commitment to sustainability, natural living, and femininity, the brand weaves consciousness and exceptional craftsmanship into each piece.

The designs ensure quality in every thread and perpetuate beauty and classic colors within timeless silhouettes.

For the conscious woman, this brand is a testament to exquisite, eco-friendly fashion, seamlessly amalgamating ethical and sustainable virtues. The business thrives when fully stocked, especially when products meet seasonal demands.

 Unique Selling Proposition:

The offerings are not just clothing but a statement. Focusing on mineral, plant, natural dyes, and a closed-loop system, the products ensure safety for wearers, the environment, and everyone involved in the production process.

Competitive Edge:

·       Affordability: Sustainable clothing comes at accessible price points.

·       Transparency: Complete clarity about the production process, instilling consumer trust.

·       Eco-Consciousness: A step ahead in the $3 trillion fashion industry, the products minimize environmental harm and even benefit natural biomes.

·       Community-Centric Approach: We ensure that every stakeholder benefits from our business, from artisans to consumers.


Synonymous with genuine care for the environment, workers, and customers, the business stands out as a beacon of authenticity in the fashion industry.

Future Prospects:

Self-reliance: Plans are underway to establish a full-service production facility in India.

White Labelling: Leveraging the signature look to generate additional revenue and already serving two premium clients.

Technological Advancement: Eyeing the incorporation of silver and copper in products for added health benefits.

Membership and Certifications:

Proudly OETEX certified. They are aiming for B Corp certification soon.


On the brink of fusing silver and copper into clothing, promoting health benefits.


While catering to 150 customers, the growth potential is immense, given the rising awareness and demand for sustainable fashion.

Key Strengths:

·       Superior fibers and unique color palette.

·       Engaging story marketing.

·       Authentic branding and content.

·       Competitive price points.

Trademarks & Domain

The logo is a registered brand the domain is registered.

Marketing and advertising:

The company reaches clients though the Company Website, Facebook, Instagram, email and word of mouth recommendation.  

Growth and expansion.

The Business is well-placed for further growth.

Customers Database.

The Business maintains a comprehensive database of all orders from all marketplaces and records all customers.

What are the main reasons a buyer will buy your business?

·       Profit in a growing industry and with a great shift towards sustainability & Impact

·       Remote work + once you have a strong team, there is little a owner needs to do. We also welcome silent partners who wish to do nothing, but we would require more of an injection for that.

Support and Training:

The vendors would be happy to stay and hand-over and are happy to provide training for an agreed handover period.

Reason for Sale:

Ready for new venture

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